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About A. Dion & Son Floor Contractors LLC.

Daren, Shane, Armand, & Don 2004 - wood flooring in Hadley, MA
Shane, Donald, & Daren - 2016
Louis, Richi, & Armand circa 1949 - wood flooring in Hadley, MA
Daren, Shane, Armand, & Don - 2004
Shane, Donald, & Daren 2016 - wood flooring in Hadley, MA
Louis, Ritchie, & Armand - Circa 1949
In 1941, Armand decided to start a flooring business. Initially Armand and his wife, Claire, ran the business from their home at 74 Russell Street in Hadley, MA. While Armand labored in the field, Claire stayed home raising their three children Simonne, Suzanne, and Donald. She also maintained the business's books and finances.

In the early years, Armand installed a lot of 3" Heart Pine floors. These floors can still be seen in many older homes in the area. He also installed floors in banks and factories. While working for Milton Bradley he face nailed 3" maple flooring over the entire factory floor!

Armand's son, Donald, began working for his father when he was fifteen. He joined the Army a few years later, served a tour of duty in Vietnam and upon his return, rejoined the family business.

In 1981, Armand retired and turned the business over to Donald. Don had a new building constructed behind his parents' home to accommodate his growing business. He took a relatively small business and elevated it to a company employing over 20 individuals. He expanded it to include gymnasium floor installations and restorations, government, state and city projects while continuing to work for area contractors and thousands of homeowners. He emphasized excellence, not only in workmanship, but reliability and customer service.

Donald has two sons, Daren and Shane and two daughters, Noelle and Carly. Both sons have been working for their father since the age of fifteen. Daren, the oldest, is now a co-owner and has been managing the business for over ten years. Shane helps to manage the business and fills in when Daren isn't available; he is also now the operations manager.